Hey Everyone~

Throughout my life I have learnt to apply my skills in something which would benifit others or rather showcase my skills through some projects or publications. Each project relates to something I have learnt in the field of Computer Science or Mathematics or in general. I hope my skills and the knowledge I have gained are reflected through these projects.

Projects I have completed

Date Project Area of Research Project Link
2020 Graduate Admission Prediction Artificial Intelligence Gist
2020 National Undergraduate Big Data Challenge Data Science PDF
2020 Riemann zeta ζ(2k) Analysis PDF
2020 Super Bowl Statistics Data Science Jupyter Notebook
2020 Corona Virus Website Website Website
2019 Iris Data Set Machine Learning Jupyter Notebook
2019 Sudoku Solver Backtracking Algorithms Github Link
2018 Library Management System Database Management System Github Link

I will be updating this page regularly based on the completion of a project.