Throughout my life, I have learned to apply my skills in something which would benefit others or rather showcase my skills through some projects or publications. Each project relates to something I have learned in the field of Computer Science and Mathematics.

  • George, Robert Joseph, Joshua Joseph George and Davidson Noby Joseph, "Water and Hydroelectric Power Sharing". The Mathematical Contest in Modeling*, 2022. [Paper], [Certificate]
  • George, Robert Joseph, Emily Halina, Nicholas Rebstock, Patrick Wyrod and Sandipan Nath, "Using Object Detection Models to Identify and Count Arctic Wildlife". AI Capstone, University of Alberta, 2022. [Paper]
  • George, Robert Joseph, "Solution Space of a Homogenous Linear Differential Equation". Honors Ordinary Differential Equations. University of Alberta, 2021. [Paper]
  • George, Robert Joseph. “Infodemiology and Infoveillance of Covid19 Using GPT-3”. STEM Fellowship Journal, vol. 7, no. 1, 2021, pp. 87–88. [Paper], [Journal]
  • George, Robert Joseph, et al. “Correlation between COVID-19, Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Prevalence”. STEM Fellowship Journal, vol. 6, no. 1, 2020, pp. 127–128. [Paper], [Journal], [Codebase]
  • George, Robert Joseph, “Statistical Machine Learning - Analysis of Cardiovascular diseases”. International Undergraduate Summer Enrichment Program, University of Alberta, 2021.
  • George, Robert Joseph and Paul Buckingham ”Riemann ζ(2k) using Fourier Analysis”. Undergraduate Number Theory Society, University of Alberta, 2020. [Paper]
Date Project Area of Research Project Link
2022 Online Learning Algorithms Machine Learning Presentation
2022 MinAtar Faster- Tested for Reinforcement Learning Agents Reinforcement Learning Github
2022 The Mathematical Contest in Modeling - Water and Hydroelectric Power Sharing Applied Mathematics Published (Drought and Rain Magazine)
2022 Machine Learning Algorithms Implementation Machine Learning Github
2021 Fillactive Community App Software Engineering Morgan Stanley
2021 Numerical Algorithms Implementation Numerical Algorithms Github
2021 Theoretical Algorithms Implementation Theoretical Computer Science Github, Website
2021 Mathematical Modelling - Research Project Applied Mathematics Paper

I will be updating this page regularly based on the completion of a project.