Robert Joseph

I am currently a senior at the University of Alberta pursuing Honors Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. I am currently working with Professor Animashree Anandkumar at Caltech as a Research Intern as well as Professor Martha White at the Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence Lab affliated with the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute. I am also currently a CSRMP Research Scholar at Google.

My research interests include theoretical aspects of Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning specifcally in Computational Learning Theory and Foundations of Deep Learning. I would like to better contribute to understanding the generalization properties of Neural Networks, Representation Learning, Evolutionary Algorithms and also dive into Meta Learning. Learning algorithms are frequently created to produce (and optimize) bounds on the relevant values. These bounds offer assurances and provide insight into black-box machine learning systems. I find this exciting as it gives me a deeper understanding of the algorithm, and it's fun to prove these bounds and correctness. Lastly, I am also interested in Complexity Theory and its confleunce with Artifical Intelligence.

Another area of study I hope to get into is Explainable Artificial Intelligence because humans must understand how these models learn a feature space and make complicated judgments. I have also had the chance to do research in Numerical Algorithms where I better contributed to understanding and developing algorithms for Quasi - Linear PDE's and climate forecasting. I am interested in contributing to interdisciplinary projects that involve AI 4 Science to help give impact the community positively. I strongly believe that new knowledge or the discovery of new mathematical frameworks and explainable models will be the driving force behind the next advancement in Artificial Intelligence.

Lastly, for graduate school, I am mostly interested in pursuing Theoretical Machine Learning especially the Foundations of Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Computational Learning Theory. I also am interested in giving back to the community by teaching and mentoring students and sharing my love for Mathematics and Computer Science.

Email: rjoseph1 (at) ualberta (dot) ca | LinkedIn | Github