Undergraduate Conferences

Hey Everyone

I had a chance to organize the first ever Undergraduate Symposium at the University of Alberta which was co-organized with the Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Biological Sciences, and EAS departments! I led the CS department and helped the Mathematics Department in organizing this event with the rest of the clubs. The event was very successful and we had around 100 presenters come and present their research.

The abstracts are provided below:

Abstract Booklet - Undergraduate Conference by Robert on Scribd

In particular, I also presented two posters; one on the research I did in the Mathematics department this summer and the other was my research internship at Amii and the RLAI lab. My mathematics poster is available below

Hybrid Poster by Robert on Scribd

and my Reinforcement learning poster is available here

RL-Poster by Robert on Scribd

Earlier in the summer, I also had the chance to present my research at the Eureka Sympossium and the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed both the conferences and had a ton of fun learning about the research what other students are doing as well as networking with them. The slides of my research are available below

cumc by Robert on Scribd

I will be making two other posts discussing the research I did this summer in detail. Lastly, I throughly enjoyed this summer and was happy to talk about my research with students from across North America and also learn about the work they do.


updated_at 27-08-2022