Winter Semester~

Hey Everyone~

I finally finished my winter semester of sophomore year and it was a great semester. Two of my courses MATH 336 - Honors ODE and MATH 372 - Mathematical Modelling I has a research component and will be linked below.

MATH 336

Research by Robert on Scribd

MATH 372

Dhaliwal Basha Joseph 2021Math372 TermProjectReport (1) by Robert on Scribd

My favorite course this semester was CMPUT 204 - Algorithms I, I had a great time learning and also really liked CMPUT 296 - Machine Learning with professor Martha White. Math 317 was amazing and I loved the fact that Professor Runde introduced us to differential forms and the general stokes theorem was a marvelous theorem.

Overall my grades for this semester have been good and I have worked hard for them while TAing at the Decima Robinson Center and being a Research Assistant and being the lead for two clubs. I am grateful for everyone who have supported me through this year especially my family and Thank God for all the wonderful friends I have made throughout this year.


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