Winter Semester 2022

Hey Everyone

I finally finished my Junior year Winter semester and without doubt, this semester had its own set of challenges but I am super happy that I did it to the best of my abilities as well as overall had a fun time meeting everyone on campus again and socializing with everyone. I also spent a lot of time this semester doing research which enabled me to refine my skills as well as learn new things. I will talk about my experiences in the next post.

3 courses - CMPUT 474, 469 and MATH 499 were my favorite this semester. I extremely enjoyed CMPUT 474 as I learnt more about the theory of computation and dived deeper into complexity theory. I do plan on taking a reading course in Complexity theory in the next semester or just will self-study the course. On the other hand CMPUT 469 and MATH 499 were great research courses where I gained and refined new/my skills as well as learned new things. MATH 499 was hard, very time consuming at the end but I learned a lot from it and most importantly learned how to write a paper much better and more efficiently. CMPUT 469 was a group project and I want to also thank my team for working with me and giving me the opportunity to learn from them and contributing to the project. The course was offered for the first time and I have to say Professor Russ and the TA Spencer really did a great job guiding us on the best practices in an AI research project.

Lastly I also took PHIL 120 and enjoyed the course, It was fun learning again about First Order Logic and Truth Functional Logic and hope to take PHIL 220 next semester. MATH 298 was also a fun course, got into the mindset of just solving problems for an hour after 2 semesters’ worth of Non-Honors Math courses.

I am now super excited for summer and all the research projects and internships that I have planned as well as going to be enjoying this summer traveling. Hope you all have a great summer break ahead!


updated_at 27-04-2022