Hey Everyone

You’ve probably heard the phrase,

Practice maketh a man perfect

Everyone has talents and God has been grateful to have blessed me with many of them. Skills however are what develop over the course of time and experiences are what make us human.

Skill Website/Notes
Research Multiple research Internships/Projects
C++ Programming Language Intermediate proficiency (Projects + Numerical Analysis Research + Competitive Programming)
Python Programming Language Advanced proficiency (Main programming language)

Database Languages (SQL, MySQL, KQL) Managed/Created Databases for my Projects/Internship
HTML Developed basic html files for my own website
Machine Learning Machine learning Projects/Internships as well as Unsupervised/Supervised learning Algorithms - Participating on Kaggle
Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning, Explainable AI
Data Science Participating on Kaggle and have developed some projects and did an Internship
Competitive Programming Leetcode, CodeSignal, Kattis, Leetcode, </a>Hacker Rank, ICPC
Microsoft Office Office, Excel, Word, One Note
IDE/Text Editors Pycham , Clion , VS code, VS professional, Atom
Latex Written some articles/Papers/Projects/Reports in Latex
Mathematics Analysis, Numerical Algorithms are my main areas of interest Research Gate
Problem Solving and Critical thinking Usually solving problems on Project Euler, Brilliant, Mathematical Olympiads, Putnam
Leadership & Teamwork Academic Club President, Captain of the Varsity Table Tennis Team, Various Clubs Founder/President
Oral and Written Communication Skills I love to participate in elocution's, Debates and give Seminars/talks

I strongly believe in the fact that if one puts effort into learning something they definitely can acquire the skill. I hope to acquire more skills and learn as much as I can.