Fall Semester 2020

Hey Everyone

I finally finished my sophomore year fall semester and without doubt this semester had its own set of challenges but I am super happy that I did it to the best of my abilities as well as overall had a fun time.

My favorite course probably for this semester was Computer Vision ie CMPUT 328. I learned a lot in that class and the assignments were amazing and challenging.

Multivariable Real Analysis + Topology in MATH 217 was amazing and challenging too. Graph theory was another fun course that I liked and probably would love to do research in that area. Group theory was amazing to learn but the professor kept such hard exams and I was pretty much stressed throughout.

Database Management System was a pretty okay course where we learned SQL, SQLITE3, MONGODB and userface interfaces and various other database concepts.

Finally for the winter break I will just be chilling as well as trying to be more productive and such.

Hope you all have a great winter break and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


updated_at 22-12-2020