Life Updates.

Hey Everyone~

Summer is over and its back to grind season! The past couple of months have been extremely fruitful and enriching. I have learned a lot in Mathematics/Machine Learning/AI as well as did a lot of research in various projects. I also got the chance to go to the states for the first time and enjoyed my experience at Carnegie Mellon University where I met some wonderful professors, amazing students from around the US. I also got the chance to be able to work with great people over the summer and enjoyed learning more about the research that other students are pursuing from the Amii Tea Time Talks, Undergraduate Conferences and other social events held by Amii.

Some of the Research projects I did over the Summer:-

Topic Area of Research
Numerical Algorithms Applied Mathematics
Reinforcement Learning Artificial Intelligence
Algorithms Theoretical Computer Science
Theoretical Machine Learning Machine Learning
Foundations of Deep Learning Deep Learning

Moreover, I am excited for this upcoming senior year and graduate school application period. Excited to also learn interesting concepts from various courses and do more research over the semester.